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Topic 1: Introduction & Course Overview

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Introduction & Course Overview.

There is a single outcome I want you to strive for throughout this course, it is building your client and fee base.

If you achieve this outcome, you will be a winner, so will I, and so will the clients you work with.

This first lesson comprises six short Topics. The first five are available now and the 6th will be opened for you after your satisfactory completion of Topics 1 to 5. Details of what you need to do to achieve satisfactory completion are outlined at the end of Topic 5.

In the next lesson (available as soon as you complete this lesson) I will outline opportunities to engage with me and other course participants in monthly Q & A sessions, and details of unlimited ongoing support available as you work through client engagements.

My goal is to help you build your annual fee base by $150,000 through the delivery of management advice to 10 new or existing clients. To the extent you work with new clients, the fee growth will be larger because of the compliance work won.

The plan involves you introducing clients to the Education Portal I operate, buildabetterbusiness.com

Here your clients work in a protected environment, protected in the sense they will not be poached by other advisors, they calculate the true profit earning potential of their business, and are counselled on how best to utilise the skills of their business advisor, and most importantly – they implement pricing strategies that achieve an immediate lift in cashflows enabling the business owner to fund your ongoing advisory work.

In Topic 2 I explain how we will go about achieving this; you will learn how you can work with the client training resources on buildabetterbusiness.com to the create the circumstances whereby clients ask you to help them improve their business.

Topic 3 Outlines your requirement to buy into the business development process I present to client.

Some of you will have concerns about client protection, more specifically, client poaching, and in Topic 4 I do all I can to allay those fears.

In Topic 5 I outline the fee opportunities I expect you to benefit from.

And in Topic 6 we begin client engagement.

For ease of navigation and so as to be able to keep track of your progress, click the Mark Complete button at the end of each topic and lesson.