How ProfitSURGE works

It's simple!

You learn and implement proven business practices under the personalised guidance of your accountant.

The ProfitSURGE process

First Thing

Explore the opportunities for significant profit improvement through the adoption of 3 strategies – pricing, segmentation and productivity

First Thing


Meet with your trusted advisor to adapt the strategies so as to fit your specific circumstances






Meet again to review the initial impact & refine where necessary.



Benefit from the achievement of the desired outcomes


After which you

Elect to pay (or not)

After which you

Move on to your next business improvement priority.

Explore, meet, Implement, meet again, achieve, pay or not

Move on to your next business improvement priority.

Why ProfitSURGE works

ProfitSURGE adopts the “flipped classroom” approach to education and the principles of adult learning.

You explore strategies prior to meeting with your accountant allowing you to better utilise the advisory session to apply the principles and strategies to your circumstance.

Good business advisors charge in excess of $400 per hour however clients understand and implement only a fraction of the advice paid for. This is wasteful and holds back the development of your business.

ProfitSURGE –  Guaranteed results! No wasted time and no wasted money.

Greater retention and application of knowledge. The focus is your business.

Stepping through ProfitSURGE

Establish objectives & enrol

Attend a briefing session with your accountant (15-minute telephone or zoom conference) to establish objectives and a timeframe for them to be achieved. Enrol in your chosen module on this website. Enter your accountants ProfitSURGE code to qualify for your 25% discount.

Establish objectives

Knowledge transfer

Access the learning module via an intuitive user experience on this website. This provides at a glance access to relevant information and an easy way for you to pick up where you left off.

Material is presented in bite-size chunks and is accessible using your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Study when it suits your schedule.

knowledge transfer

Advisor session #1

Every module guarantees you two, one hour private consultancy appointments with your adviser.

Use these sessions to brainstorm the application of the strategies to the specific circumstances of your business, the industry you operate in, your place in it and your competitive advantage (or disadvantage).

Discuss with your advisor the best course of action to take and the possible consequences, good and bad. Agree to an action plan for the implementation of the new strategy, the time frame, and the establishment of a formal review process to record and act upon outcomes.

advisor session

Share with the team & then implement

The expectation is you will learn about, consider, teach, and apply the strategies you encounter in ProfitSURGE . Teaching it to others has two benefits.

  1. You are making a public statement, a commitment to a management policy hence you are more likely to implement it.
  2. In order to be able to teach you require a deep understanding of the subject matter which will empower you to adapt and mould the strategies, so you are best prepared when your competitors react and or market forces change.

Access unlimited advice & support

Twice a week you are free to join an online live ProfitSURGE generalised advice session.

These times are an opportunity to get answers to your questions on many business development topics. In addition, hearing the answers to the questions posed by others is an enlightening and inspiring experience. Sessions are recorded allowing consumption at a time suitable to you.

access advice

Engage with other business owners

Benefit from the experience of other business owners facing the same challenges as you and assessing similar opportunities. Participate in social learning groups with like minded owners to discuss the implementation of strategies you are working with. Review news feeds, articles and publication extracts directly related to the topic under review.


Advisor session #2

This is your second opportunity for a one hour personalised consultation.

During this meeting with your accountant you will assess outcomes and discuss refinements to your business plans and strategies.


Advisor 2

Assess the value

If you find this a valuable experience (and we think you will), elect to pay the fee. Following that enrol in the next business development learning module and continue your pathway to building a better business!

Our Guarantee: If you did not achieve your expected outcome from the module, you have no obligation to pay our fee and may simply retire from the course.


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