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There is a great deal of information in this lesson, probably too much to absorb in a short period of time, without assistance.

I am offering assistance, via membership of the coaching club, to anyone wanting to take up the challenge of working with clients on profit improvement projects.

Access to the coaching club is available, free, to all partners and employees of accounting firms registered as a member of If you are enrolled in this course it means you have access to the club.

To join simply send me an email asking to be included.

The first project of the coaching club is to ensure members achieve the outcomes detailed in topic one of lesson 3 of the Sales Masterclass, see below.

Upon successful completion of this lesson you will have:

  1. Added a written protocol to your sales plan outlining the process by which you plan to engage prospects in annual advisory projects to the value of $15,000 (per client.)
  2. Used the work you completed in lesson two, to attract a prospect to a meeting in your office.
  3. Met with the prospect and delivered the process outlined in 1 above.
  4. Evaluated the outcome of the meeting and established a target to conduct 5 meetings with other prospects during the 12 weeks after your initial appointment.

The coaching club will involve live group Q & A sessions, they will be recorded and available for future reference, and one to one sessions with me on an as required basis. The one to one sessions will take the form of private discussions via Zoom (like Skype, just better) as well as email exchanges and prompting.

The first Q & A session will be held on Tuesday 11th April at 1.10 PM Australian Central Time, which is 1.40 pm Eastern and 11.40 am Western. The sessions will run for no longer than 30 minutes.

This date will give you time to work through lesson 3 and consider what questions you might like to ask.

Here is a suggested question to get you thinking.

I do not have the authority within my firm to offer a guarantee, is there an alternative way for me to reduce or reverse the risk for clients?

I would ask that all questions be submitted prior to close of business on Monday 10th April 2017.

There will be an opportunity for follow up questions on the day.

My intention is to hold regular Q & A sessions for members of the coaching club, once or twice a month if the demand is there.

Connecting with Zoom is easy, I will send details closer to the date.

Please register your interest in the coaching club by sending me an email: [email protected] Youi can also use this address to submit your questions for our first live Q & A session.