Topic 5: The Profit Optimiser & Report Writer Templates

Philip Arnfield

Report Writer Template

Profit Optimiser Template

The Profit Optimiser Template is a dynamic document I intend to update regularly as new material relevant to profit improvement is added to the Build a Better Business program.

The document is a pdf file with hyperlinks that provide details of the numerous opportunities you have to help a client grow the profitability of their businesses. As the training resources develop on this site information will be transferred to this document so it becomes a ready source of reference to accountants while working with clients.

Ultimately it will hold much of the material that comprises my Intellectual Property and accordingly the document will be released to members under the conditions and understandings outlined below:

Conditions of Use:

This document will only be available to Accounting firms who are members of this site and is offered under the condition it not be copied or distributed to non members, including clients of member firms.

The document is intended to be used as a research and training resource for accountants, and I encourage it to be tabled and used at client meetings, but not distributed to clients.

In the event your firm ceases to be a member of the Build a Better Business Training Program – for Accountants, or you cease to be an employee of a member firm, you are required to destroy all editions of the Profit Optimiser in your possession.

These conditions of use are designed to protect the value of your firms investment in the Build a Better Training Program – for Accountants, as well as of course my Intellectual Property.

If you agree to these conditions, please send an email to me at [email protected] and I will forward your copy of the document.

Below is a picture of the cover page.