Topic 3: Following These 5 Steps Will Simplify the Systematisation Process 5m 0s

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This List of Questions May Help With the System Design Process

  • What is it that is causing me frustration?

  • Are there specific people inside or outside of the business that seem to be the cause of this frustration?

  • What is it these people do that is causing these bad outcomes to occur?

  • If it is not people causing the problem, what is? And what is this thing doing to cause the bad outcome?

  • What would you like these people to do instead of what they currently do?

  • Are there any resources you need to supply to ensure the behaviour changes?

  • Is there any training required to change the behaviour?

  • Would a checklist help?

  • Is everyone aware of your expectations?

  • Have you discussed your concerns with the people involved?

  • Does the team have any suggestions as to a solution?

  • What does the system that will fix this problem look like?

  • Would it help to prepare a flowchart, with pictures, outlining the system?