The Art of Consulting Conversations

About this Course

This course is the online version of a presentation made to the CA ANZ Practice Forum in Adelaide on the 30th August 2019.  For some, taking the first step into business advisory is a daunting thought. As a result of completing this course, accountants will be armed with the confidence and tools to begin this rewarding area of practice.

The course comprises:

  • 6 video lessons
  • A feedback survey
  • Several templates for download
  • Access to an extension group for those wanting to dive deeper into the subject matter.

Lesson 1: Understanding the Critical Importance of Listening 3m 54s

Lesson 2: Commencing the Conversation 5m 26s

Lesson 3: Positioning Your Role 2m 14s

Lesson 4: Creating a Sense of Certainty & Authority Through the Use of Templates 7m 06s

Lesson 5: Maintaining Momentum With Action Summaries 1m 36s

Lesson 6: Finding the Cash to Pay for Additional Services - How Clients Will Do It

As much as I love accountants, I did not write these programs with your revenue streams in mind. What drives me is a passion to improve the lifestyles of people not receiving an appropriate financial return for the effort they commit to their businesses.  It just so happens in order to achieve this outcome I truly believe the owners should spend more time and more money with their accountants. And to do this they need to generate more cash flow.

In the 2nd and 3rd course of this Accountants Retreat we will examine in detail how that cash flow will be generated, for now, you can gain an insight into the strategies by watching this short video from the website.

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