ProfitSURGE – Building Better Regional Businesses – Opening Session

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Opening Session 

1. Two Poor Choices to Avoid. 8m 56s.
Times of economic turmoil are characterised by job losses and declining demand for goods and services. In his opening address Philip Arnfield highlights two common errors made by business owners in response to these conditions and presents compelling reasons why you need to avoid these poor choices.

2. Recessions – An Opportunity to Improve. 3m 11s.
“Recessions are famous for for breaking companies but what few people realise is that recessions are in fact more likely to make a company’s reputation.” Bain & Co.
In this video Philip presents the first of 8 Strategies business owners should be across to weather the economic storm.

3. When the Market Shrinks – Increase Your Share. 2m 13s.
During a recession demand retracts, it does not disappear. Take advantage of the poor decision making of other business owners in respect of pricing and expenditure cuts to grow your market share.

4. Introduce Pricing Strategies that will Grow Profit and Fight Off Discounters. 2m 19s.
There are 3 pricing strategies ideally suited to a recession.

5. Ramp Up Your Customer Service. 4m 1s.
Think about those businesses you admire. What is it you like about them? Chances are it has something to do with the way they treat their customers.

6. Get Control of Your Cash & Get Closer to Your Business Advisor. 4m 18s
During a recession cash is king, the temptation is to win work first and worry about cashflow second. This is an error that could have catastrophic consequences.

7. A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity to Build a Better Business Model. 6m 6s.
We are living through an extraordinary time, people are talking about and expecting many aspects of life to change forever. This is an opportunity for business owners to change their business model to one that generats more profit.

8. Surviving the Lock-down. 3m 59s.
If your business has been shut down or severely impacted by the lock-down, you need a survival plan.

9. Pricing for Profit 12m 58s
Many of your competitors have not enrolled in this course, and it is likely they will be dropping prices to stimulate demand. You know that will not work, but in them doing it, you will be faced with the challenge to compete against those offering lower priced goods and services. These 3 pricing strategies will help you win the battle.

Questions? Contact me.

Philip Arnfield  CA
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