lpty7_Write Management Reports Explaining How to Improve Business Performance

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This is Where to Commence.

Thank you for your interest, the course commences on 27th April however you can begin to prepare immediately.

You will learn that irrespective of the results generated from your analysis of a clients financial reports, a Mangement Report is a powerful tool enabling your firm to stand above competitors. 

Whether the period under review has been strong or weak for the client, there is always an opportunity to do better, and this is what the Management report should focus on.

Businesses perform best when management has a focus on profit rather than turnover. The good news for you is the majority of SME owners do not have this profit focus – it is good news because it will allow you to pick up some short-term wins and gain the confidence of the client.

I recommend you read this blog post to begin the process of aligning your thinking to profit rather than turnover.

By the close of the next business day, you will receive an email from me with details of how to enrol in the course. I look forward to working with you and thank you again for your interest in the course. 

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Focus on Profit not Sales

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[blockquote cite=”Stephanie” type=”left”]It’s great working at a firm that values this sort of training as I think most accounting firms don’t do anything like this, certainly not from my previous experience and from talking with my friends at other firms. [/blockquote]