Lesson 05: What Gets Measured Gets Managed 2m 26s

Philip Arnfield Mentor Courses

Course Resources / Tools

There are two resources avaiable as a part of this course.

The first is a comprehensive guide to the three ways to grow revenue. This is a resource for both your use and for distribution to your clients. It includes practical advice and examples to help business owners increase customer numbers; increase the average value of each transaction; and increase the number of times customers transact wit the business in a year.

This guide will be continually upgraded and once you are on the distribution list, you will receive updates as they are produced.

The second resource is for use by you in client meetings. The Mentor Meeting Guide has been designed to bring accountability to the Sales & Marketing function.

To obtain a copy of each of the resources simply write to me at [email protected] and make a request.

Philip Arnfield