Lesson 05: Big Things & Smaller Things 12m 34s

Philip Arnfield Better Business Courses

In the following video Stephen Covey illustrates how we should organise our time. The video is a little dated, but the message is not. I encourage you to watch the entire 12-minute video.

For the small business owner, the practical application of this demonstration is to schedule time to attend to the important quadrant two actions. There mere act of scheduling these activities, allocating specific time for them in your diary, will give them a priority they otherwise would not have.

But you can do more. It is easy to push diary events aside if you are making decisions in isolation.

To do so is less likely if you are working with a Sustainer and have appointed your accountant as the independent chair of a Management Advisory Board that meets on a regular monthly basis.

Both initiatives strengthen accountability and work to overcome the “urgency addiction”

The Sustainer system is outlined in detail in Lesson 2 of the course Profit Improvement – First Steps, available free on buildabetterbusiness.com

Essentially the system works on the principle of guilt and irritation! You get things done as you have made a commitment to another person to act, and have authorised that person to badger you until the matter is closed out.

The Management Advisory Board system relies on similar principles to ensure you pay appropriate attention to activities focused on important growth and development aspects of the business.

It achieves this by introducing the same discipline to your business as is present in major corporations governed by a Board of directors, but without the cost and formality.