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Lesson 04: Building Key Principles into Advisory Sessions to Help Clients Learn 8m 47s

Philip Arnfield August 11, 2017

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Key Principles from Philip Arnfield on Vimeo.



In this course you have viewed a resource that will introduce clients to a new way of consulting, an adaption of the flipped classroom approach used by educational institutions, including Harvard. This resource will encourage clients to use your firms coaching services to improve performance across 8 key areas of their business.

You have been reminded that every client is different, and because there are different types of learners, you have to adapt your consulting style to suit.

And finally we looked at several key principles you will be encouraged to build into the Consulting Plans we will examine in Part 2 of this course.

Part 2

In the second part of this course I will examine four more key principles that underpin lesson design, and then we will examine a formal lesson design strategy that can be adapted for use in planning consulting sessions.