Lesson 02: How Well is the Business Rolling Along? 4m 54

Philip Arnfield Mentor Courses

The videos in this lesson have been produced with your clients in mind, they will combine to make up the majority of client resource referred to in the introduction.
The videos have application for business owners and accountants.

The client video is continuous but I am breaking it here to highlight an important teaching and learning principle that I believe will produce better results than achieved by the traditional advisory approach.

It is called the flipped classroom, a reversal of traditional teaching where students gain their first exposure to new material outside of class, usually via reading or lecture videos, and then class time is used to do the harder work of assimilating that knowledge through strategies such as problem-solving, discussion.

The adaption of the flipped classroom I believe consulting accountants should adopt would involve their clients accessing material prior to the consultation and using the time with their accountant to discuss the specifics of implementation.

The outcomes of this approach being accountants do not have to spend valuable consulting time explaining basic principles, while clients achieve implementation at a lower cost, allowing them to meet more often with their accountant.

Clients can access material through courses like this one, the Foundation and Better Business courses available free through buildabetterbusiness.com, and the free booklet referred to in the next segment of the client video.