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Lesson 01: Introduction

Philip Arnfield July 13, 2017

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Many business owners, and advisors, ignore advice to read Micheal Gerber’s book “The E Myth Revisited” on the basis the lessons mainly apply to franchises, or businesses where high levels of customer service are the norm – hotels for example.

In this course you will learn of the extraordinary results achieved by Harvard Business School trained surgeon Atul Gawande, through the introduction of checklists:

  • A 35% reduction of complication rates from surgery.
  • A 47% decline in death rates associated with surgery.

You will also learn, unbelievably in the light of these results, there is a resistance to the take up of the checklist system.

The reasons suggested for this resistance provide an insight into why business owners fail to implement strategies that are proven to be effective. Armed with this insight you will be in a position to take corrective action – with resultant benefits for clients and your fee growth. In Lesson 6 you will see what corrective action is required.

In the final lesson I will demonstrate how your firm can become proficient at writing systems, and how this skill will  create fee earning opportunities.