Create a ProfitSURGE in Your Business

If you believe the solution to inadequate cash flow is doing more work, spending less, or both, your progress will be slow and your level of frustration ever increasing.

This is because “pedalling faster” and “cost-cutting” will at best produce small improvements in cash flow and are as likely to be detrimental to liquidity. And when you understand the fundamental economic principles underpinning this truth, you will require little convincing to implement the 3 strategies we recommend, game plans in common use by successful corporations, blueprints to generate both a profit and cash flow surge.

Experience the difference of a smoothly running business

When you implement the strategies we recommend in this module you will:

  • Achieve consistency of outcomes across all operational processes.
  • Be confident your employees are doing the right things.
  • Be comforted in the knowledge the way your people do business is the most effective way.
  • Know your business will be able to perform even when you are not present.

Finding Good Employees

You find good employees in any organization where there are strong leaders, people who understand it is necessary to:

  • Set remuneration at levels allowing the company to successfully compete in a buoyant labor market without destroying margins and net profit. 
  • Establish a retention scheme for key employees. 
  • Create a winning culture people want to be a part of. 
  • Through delegation & in-house training develop meaningful career paths for their team. 

Take Control of Your Business

“I don’t have enough time” is a well-known frustration but also an indication of operational underperformance. You cannot create more time, but you can better organize your operations, enabling your focus to be on important strategic functions, confident in the knowledge employees are taking care of those aspects of the enterprise where you choose not to spend time. 

Employees who consistently do the right thing, are found in places where there are well-established operating systems, and above all, Performance Standards. The program objectives will be achieved because participants will: 

  • Review system failure points and set a timetable – establishing priorities for areas of operational improvement. 
  • Define acceptable levels of performance across key areas. 
  • Enable team members to document key systems.  
  • Establish a Management Advisory Board with your accountant as chair.

Your Time is Valuable and We Will Not Waste It

We describe our programs as Action Learning.  They are designed to to produce solutions to real problems. In contrast to learning theoretical concepts you will engage in activities only when there is a requirement for improved performance. Any actions undertaken are in the specific context of your business.

  • There is a commitment made to measurably improve one aspect of the business.
  • The best solution to a performance problem is identified. 
  • A realistic Action Plan is created.
  • Outcomes are then measured.
  • Another commitment is made to measurably improve a further aspect of the business, and the process continues. 

Accountability Drives Results

We will build into your business a level of accountability that will drive improved financial performance, specifically, higher profits and stronger cash flow.

We will demystify the process surrounding the setting of profit performance targets and the regular comparison of actual performance relative to the target set. Working with easy-to-use tools, created for business owners from non-accounting backgrounds, you will:

  • Calculate the profit required in order to meet the existing financial commitments of the business, the drawings required by the owners, and planned growth initiatives.
  • Explore the opportunity to achieve higher levels of financial performance.
  • Question the adequacy of existing margins.

Financial Management Basics

We will help you find the key driver of profitability in your business – it will not be sales revenue! Then we assist with the calculation of a target range this driver must sit within to achieve optimum performance and create a reporting framework including an action plan in the event of underperformance. 

Create a Customer Service System

Think about those organisations you admire, ones operating like clockwork and outperforming their competitors. At the heart of their success will be a Customer Service System that defines how the business interacts with its customers at every point of contact –  prior to, during, and after the delivery of the product or service.