How & Why ProfitSURGE Works

Strong cash flow makes doing business easier

Far Greater Retention of Knowledge

Good business advisors charge $350 per hour or more but you retain only a fraction of the advice you pay for. This is wasteful and holds back the development of your enterprise.

Our model adopts the flipped classroom approach to education and the principles of adult learning.

You are directed to a knowledge source (on this site) prior to meeting with your chosen advisor. The time spent with the accountant is used to discuss the practical application of strategies. You then return to the workplace and share the knowledge with employees who play a major role in implementation of new practices.

In this circumstance retention rates climb from 8% to 92%

6 Reasons why you will love


You will overcome the specific challenges facing your business.

This is a problem-solving service, not a training program. Accordingly, the activities you undertake will result in the creation of processes within your business that will be of enduring benefit.

There is no requirement for you to change accountants or interrupt important professional relationships. This process is an adjunct to the existing services you receive, not a replacement. The likelihood is, we will be asking you to engage with your accountant even more than you already do.

Philip Arnfield our founder and principal advisor is a Chartered Accountant with more than 35 years of experience helping business owners increase profit, strengthen cash flow, develop systems and build businesses that work. He is now sharing this expetise with business owners, accountants and ProfitSURGE advisors.

You are short on time, and we don't waste it. You work only in those areas where improvement is necessary. 

If you do not achieve the outcomes you expect, there is no charge.  This uncomplicated but powerful guarantee places the onus on us to deliver what we promise, and that is a better business - however you wish to define better.

Step by Step Through the ProfitSURGE Process

The majority of our clients are introduced to us by their accountants who will be the advisor supporting them through the process. The Foundations Module is your entree to ProfitSURGE, it serves a threefold purpose:

  1. Outlining the strategies which will assist clients to generate an immediate and significant increase in profitability and cash flow. 
  2. Setting out the criteria for acceptance into the program.
  3. Assessing those areas of the business where improvement is necessary and establishing a priority for action. 

Irrespective of areas highlighted as being in most need of attention, clients are encouraged to first enrol in Pricing for Profit and then Measure What Matters as the additional cash flow generated from implementing the strategies in these two modules will assist with the delivery of solutions for challenges faced across the 6 key business functions.

The progress through a typical module will be as outlined below.

Establish Objectives & Enrol

Attend a briefing session with your advisor (15-minute telephone or zoom conference) to establish objectives and a timeframe for them to be achieved, enrol in the module on

Knowledge Transfer

Access the knowledge base via an intuitive user experience providing at a glance access to relevant information and an easy way for you to pick up where you left off.

Material is presented in bite-size chunks accessible via a responsive framework that adjusts so as to provide a beautiful experience whether material is consumed via computers tablets or smartphones meaning you are able to absorb information when it best suits you.

Advisor session #1

Use this session to brainstorm the application of the strategies to the specific circumstances of your business, the industry you operate in, your place in it, your competitive advantage (or disadvantage). Discuss with your advisor the best course of action to take and the possible consequences, good and bad. Agree to an action plan for the implementation of the new strategy, the time frame, and the establishment of a formal review process to record and act upon outcomes.

Share With the Team & Then Implement

The expectation is you will learn about, consider, teach, and apply the strategies you encounter on this site. Teaching it to others has two benefits. You are making a public statement, a commitment to a management policy hence you are more likely to implement it. Secondly, in order to be able to teach you to require a deep understanding of the subject matter which will empower you to adapt and mould the strategies, so you are best prepared when your competitors react and or market forces change.

Engage With Other Business Owners

Benefit from the experience of other business owners facing the same challenges as you and assessing similar opportunities. Participate in social learning groups with like minded owners to discuss the implementation of strategies you are working with. Review news feeds, articles and publication extracts directly related to the topic under review.

Advisor Session #2

Assess outcomes and make refinements.

Access Unlimited Advice & Support

Every Wednesday and Thursday ProfitSURGE® office hours support is an opportunity to get answers to your questions on any business development topic. In addition, hearing the answers to the questions posed by others is an enlightening and inspiring experience. Sessions are recorded allowing consumption at a time suitable to you.

Assess the value

If you find this a valuable experience, elect to pay the fee and move on to the next business development module. If you did not achieve your expected outcome, we will keep the door option but you will have no obligation to pay our fee.