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Outcomes You Can Expect

As a result of completing this course you will :

  • Achieve consistency of results across operational processes.
  • Be confident your employees are doing the right things.
  • Receive comfort from the knowledge the way your people are doing bushiness is the most effective way.
  • Know your business will be able to perform even when you are not present.


The theory presentation for this course is delivered across 5 video lessons—total duration 17 minutes. There are 4 actions to take in order to complete the course.



ProfitSURGE is a series of courses created to help owners move through the 9 Stage Business Development Process. This course covers certain aspects of the 3 stages highlighted in bold.


Stage 1: Planning

Stage 2: Identifying Customer Needs

Stage 3: Develop Your Business  Model

Stage 4: Identify System Failure Points

Stage 5: Develop Performance Standards

Stage 6: Systematise Key Processes

Stage 7: Create a Marketing Plan

Stage 8: Develop a Financial Plan

Stage 9: Build a People System

Assistance & Advice

If you require assistance with the implementation of strategies or interpretation of how they can be adapted to suit your business, contact me on [email protected] to make an appointment to meet in my virtual consulting room.

This service will be of most value to you as you work through lessons 4 & 5 of the course. To be eligible to receive my input, you must have first completed lessons 1 through 3.

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