Introduction to Contribution Based Activity

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This is the first of a series of courses on Contribution BAsed Activity. In this introduction we examine margin analysis from a client’s point of view, something accountants don’t often do.

The purpose of this series is for you to be able to help your clients achieve a level of internal financial management you may currently consider to be an unattainable hope.

You will learn to isolate the key profit drivers in a business, there are two in each business, although they vary from business to business. Once uncovered, monitoring these lead indicators of profitability, by the client, is surprisingly simple.

Accountants traditionally use margin analysis to interpret historical results relative to a prior period and or a target. This is useful, to some extent, but is far removed from the business owner’s internal financial management practices, if they exist at all.

What you will be learning is how to present margin analysis in a way that clients understand it and are motivated to rely on it for decision making on a weekly basis.

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