Fully Funded by the Federal Government thereby free for business owners & their teams.

For many, business is booming, presenting challenges associated with the capacity to get work done. As a result of completing this program owners will:

  • More easily retain and attract the best employees in a labour market where demand for certain skills exceeds the supply.
  • Achieve greater consistency of outcomes across the core business functions.
  • Be confident employees are working in the most effective way.
  • Define the main driver of profitability in the business & quantify a target range this driver must sit within in order to achieve optimum profitability.
  • Create a reporting framework whereby actual performance is measured relative to the target.
  • Set remuneration at levels allowing the business to successfully compete in a buoyant labour market without destroying margins and net profit.
  • Establish a retention scheme for key employees.

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Summary & Outcomes


4 Standalone micro-courses

  • Finding Good People.

  • Taking Control of Your Business - So It's Not Controlling You.

  • Accountability Drives Results.

  • Measuring What Matters.

Benefit from Action Learning focusing on the specifics of your business.

  1. Commit to improving in one area.

  2. Identify the best performance enhancement solution.

  3. Create a realistic action plan

  4. Build-in accountability to the task

  5. Measure the outcome

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