"You will learn to work with your accountant in a different way, and I expect the fees you pay will increase substantially. "On-boarding workshop #1
"Learners are earners. Having experienced the nexus between knowledge & performance, owners turn to accountants for deeper insights."Philip Arnfield - CA

We Also Work With Accounting Firms*

So They Can Help Clients Grow Profit & Strengthen Cash Flow

* Available to members of CA ANZ, CPA Australia, and affiliated accounting bodies in the USA & UK

Throughout the ProfitSURGE workshops owners are taught the importance of spending more time with their accountant and how to generate the additional cash flow to allow them to do so.

We deliver year round training to young accountants, and some not so young, enabling them to reinforce the lessons & strategies presented to clients in the program.

Put ProfitSURGE to the test

Training for Accountants

We’ll train your team so they are better equipped to support clients progression through the business development process.


For individual accountants: $22 per month.

Firms, blocks of 5 training seats: $78 per month.

The monthly subscription provides access to the initial Training Retreat; monthly sessions; fortnightly live Q & A sessions to designed to assist with client implementation.

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